Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Pictures of Zach

Elia was baptized in June, this is what Zach said about it:
"Elia's baptism was such an amazing moment for all of us. Just like the church films, she came out of the water crying and hugged Elder Curtis. Sure it was a little awkward for him, but totally moving for the rest of us. She came to her baptismal service already in white and she didn't need to change. It was very appropriate for our entire experience with her. She came prepared. She didn't need to change. She was prepared by the Lord through the years to enter into the waters of baptism. For the first time I've taught the first lesson to an investigator, and I got to be there through the whole teaching process, even until I laid my own hands on her head to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. What a sweet and sublime experience for all of us."

This is what he said about Ron's baptism (this month):
"Rons baptism was totally amazing. It was a rather huge event. Like, fifty plus people showed up. It was really cool. He was baptized by his father-in-law, we witnessed. It was awesome. While Ron was getting changed we showed the video clip "Man Without Eloquence". Its about Brigham Youngs conversion. In the video Brigham is preaching and he starts off saying "As there is time yet to be improved this morning..." Ron and Roger weren't back by the end of the movie (its pretty short) so Ron told me to bear my testimony after the clip. So we put the TV aside and I was like "Well... As there is time yet to be improved this evening... I should like to bear my testimony." I thought it was pretty funny."

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