Monday, September 29, 2008

Letter to Mom on September 22, 2008


I'm in the Takena Ward of Albany, Oregon. Ok wait, funny detail. Elder N. transferred from Takena ward in Albany to High Desert Ward in Bend to be my companion. Then I went from High Desert to Takena. How funny is that?? He had mail in our mailbox when we got here so I forwarded it straight to the High Desert Elders' apartment lol. He was really bitter about leaving Takena, so he'll be kinda miffed to see my handwriting on that envelope.

My new companion is Elder Simpson from Jacksonville Florida. He's totally cool. He and I are a lot alike and we get along very very well. Plus he's a super hard worker so we're getting a lot done. Its good stuff.

Man speaking of cool houses, you should see Albany, its mostly victorian houses. Some havent been kept well at all and are falling apart and all overgrown and stuff, but a lot of them are restored and really cool. Our old ward mission leader's house is a really cool old house that they restored. Its pretty awesome.

Everything is going really well. I'm loving life and workin hard. Thanks for being a great mom. I thought about you last night by the way, we were at an investigators house and they were watching Without a Trace. I was like "Aw... Momma..." lol. But anywho... you rock. You and Dad both. I'm full of love right now lol. Life is good. Dare I say great? I do. Life is great. Love you tons!

Zach with President and Sister Fugal before they left.

Zach with the Heinrich family.

Zach on P-day with the Grows.