Monday, August 4, 2008

Letter to Jen August 7, 2008

I keep forgetting to mention!! TELL me who the sealer is for Jess and Chris! My mission presidents father-in-law is a sealer at that temple!! And my companion lives only a few blocks away from the Tanners! Is that NUTS??? Dont answer, yes it is!

Dude... Did I tell you we went to Brother P's ranch this week and bucked FIFTEEN TONS of hay?? We loaded and unloaded it! So thats handling like 30 tons! It was so nuts. It dang near killed all of us. Plunkett is so cool though, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Freak, Bishop Tsang, our Bishop fell through on getting me to a copy machine this week. So we're going to get the library key from him today to copy my journal. He always uses huge words. He's not like "Were they nice?" or "Were they friendly?" he asks "Were they very congenial?" lol. Or not "I'll be there soon" its "I will expedite my efforts." lol. He's way cool though. He's a crazy good bishop. He's a retired engineer, and all he does is drive around visiting people and looking for missionary or reactivation opportunities. Dinner at the Tsangs is always fun too. Its always like... a bunch of chinese food, and a bowl of beef stew. Or hot dogs. Like, one American dish on a table FULL of chinese food. Its fun.

Anywho... life is good. I'm happy and healthy. The work is starting to pick up a little too. Maybe thats cuz I have a not-trunky companion. Lol. That does help a lot. But anywho... sorry this was so short. the computers are a pain today (public library, yay). Love you tons!!!

Letter to Mom August 7, 2008

I'm glad president Fugal said nice things about me. He called me out in front of the whole mission at the mission conference we had before they left. Sister Fugal was talking about one of her closest friends then related that she was talking about Elder Roberts grandma. Then A minute later President said "Now Elder Roberts, just cuz we know your grandma doesnt mean you'll get away with anything. It means we expect more from you!" it was nuts.

I have indeed had a lot of opportunity to see the Macdonalds. They stopped in on our combined district meeting on their way across Oregon to Eugene. We were the first zone to meet them. I was the first missionary to have met them. I know, way cool. Then we had interviews not much later, then the next week we had a zone conference. I've already gotten very close with them. They say I remind them of one of their sons.

Quick story about that son: In high school he walked around all day with a roll or toilet paper. He took it to all his classes and kept it on his desk. When people asked about it, he just said "you never know. You just never know." lol. So no wonder i remind them of him. They said "he has a very 'unique' sense of humor." I asked "Are you used to it?" and they said yes, and I said "Good we'll do great." lol.

But I spent a ton of time around them at zone conference. Sat with them at lunch and cracked jokes with them. I sat and chatted with Sister Macdonald for like 40 minutes afterwards. I've gotten pretty close with them. President has even given me permission to play a guitar if I come across one. (its otherwise against the rules to even pick one up). So I'm enthusiastic.
Anywho... My finances. I should do alright. But... I'll definitely accept help lol. And I'm a grateful guy. I sent Mary Lloyd a nice thank you letter cuz she sent me some McDonnalds gift certificates. Its funny how much even small things help a ton.

about my new companion, not a trunky one. He's been out like 8 months. Ask dad about other details. Small world.

Everything is good here. Anywho... life's good. I'm happy and healthy. Thank you so much for all your love and support and everything you do. Love you tons!!!

ps-I'll be sure to let you know if I need a little extra help with things. But so far the budget plan is going well... love you!