Monday, August 4, 2008

Letter to Jen August 7, 2008

I keep forgetting to mention!! TELL me who the sealer is for Jess and Chris! My mission presidents father-in-law is a sealer at that temple!! And my companion lives only a few blocks away from the Tanners! Is that NUTS??? Dont answer, yes it is!

Dude... Did I tell you we went to Brother P's ranch this week and bucked FIFTEEN TONS of hay?? We loaded and unloaded it! So thats handling like 30 tons! It was so nuts. It dang near killed all of us. Plunkett is so cool though, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Freak, Bishop Tsang, our Bishop fell through on getting me to a copy machine this week. So we're going to get the library key from him today to copy my journal. He always uses huge words. He's not like "Were they nice?" or "Were they friendly?" he asks "Were they very congenial?" lol. Or not "I'll be there soon" its "I will expedite my efforts." lol. He's way cool though. He's a crazy good bishop. He's a retired engineer, and all he does is drive around visiting people and looking for missionary or reactivation opportunities. Dinner at the Tsangs is always fun too. Its always like... a bunch of chinese food, and a bowl of beef stew. Or hot dogs. Like, one American dish on a table FULL of chinese food. Its fun.

Anywho... life is good. I'm happy and healthy. The work is starting to pick up a little too. Maybe thats cuz I have a not-trunky companion. Lol. That does help a lot. But anywho... sorry this was so short. the computers are a pain today (public library, yay). Love you tons!!!

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