Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Letter to Mom November 17, 2008

hey hey-

Its pretty easy to be home and do nothing. [I had told him I finally figured out how he could be home all day and not accomplish anything.] You may have gained an education in said field, but I am a doctor of unaccomplishment. Thats kind of a cool phrase, doctor of unaccomplishment. A neat oxymoron. Anywho, not these days. I'm Dr. Do, lol. I suppose a mission will do that to you.

Your mention of Thanksgiving made me pretty enthusiastic. We have some sweet plans for Thanksgiving. Have I mentioned the M Family in my journal? They're a totally awesome family, like seriously they rock. They're having us over for Thanksgiving AND Christmas! So sweet. I'll definitely be here for TG but transfers are the first week of December so pray for me that I'll survive unaffected so I dont have to celebrate Christmas with strangers. I'm so desperate to stay that I called Bishop H yesterday and asked for a speaking assignment in early December lol. If you could believe that. But its true. As much as I really didn't like Albany when I got here... I LOVE it now. NUTS huh? Oh man... good news

Well, to begin with, Jennie and Raine S. are going to be baptized this coming saturday! Very exciting. Raine gave a brief talk in the primary program in sacrament meeting yesterday. She talked about learning from the missionaries and her desire to join the church. Way cool, made me tear up a little.

Furthermore, there's a couple we've been working with, John and Shawna. They were trying to decide on what church they wanted to settle into with their family, and John mentioned that he was baptized Mormon as a teenager, and he remembers having a really positive experience. Soon thereafter, we showed up. They were presented with an opportunity to buy the house they've been renting and when we prayed with them one night we prayed that they'd have the means to buy. Something worked out in a short space of time after that night. Johns sister recently passed away, and at the funeral the "presiding minister" read from Alma. It turns out there is Church involvement in his family too. Yesterday (Sunday the 16th of November) we went to visit them. They related these experiences to us and went on to say that they had prayed and received an answer. They know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is their new home church. They said its been a long hard road but they've finally found what they've been searching for. When we left their home, I couldn't hold it back any longer: I cried all the way down the street. As Joseph Smith said: "...the truth of God will go forth boldly, nobly, and independent; till it has penetrated every continent, visited every climb, swept every country, and sounded in every ear..." I couldn't ask for any better than this.
So as you can see... good things, I dare say: miracles, are happening. I'm on top of my money... I love the ward... the work is on fire and life is GOOD.

Oh and the prop 8 fallout hasn't really made its way here. Albany is a fairly conservative town. Eugene may be more of a hotspot though. But all I've heard has been from members.
but anywho... thats my story, morning glory. I'm lovin it out here. And Elder Simpson and I are tearin' it up. Of course I'm not boasting in myself. But I will surely boast in my God. Thanks for everything you do Heida. You rock and I love you!

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