Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Letter to Jen December 1, 2008

I struggle with real mail too trust me...

The baptism went really well. I got some pictures, I'm printing and sending them home soon. It was a really exciting weekend. We had a ton of investigators at church and everything has gone very smoothly. Transfers are indeed coming up this week. And I got the axe unfortunately. But all is well. I'll tell the whole story in a minute.

That CD I asked for, I'm actually gonna ask Elder Coffey, my dead trainer for it. He knows exactly what it was cuz I asked to listen to it every day lol. So no sweat on that one.

Ok so transfers:
In a recent letter to President, I expressed my feelings of having a lot left to do here in Albany. The Friday after Thanksgiving I got a personal phone call from President Macdonald. He told me he had read my letter and he disagreed (lol wow, blunt.). He said there are other opportunities for me elsewhere, and my companion needs to be training this transfer, so I'm leaving. I'm very sad to leave Albany because I've come to love it so much, but Brother M told me "Remember 'I will go, I will do' even when its tough". He's right. So I look forward to spending the Holidays with my new friends wherever I'm going. Like I said, I'm sad to go. But as sad as I am, I'm even happier that I was here at all.

So thats my week. Anywho... I hope all is well for you guys. Thanks for all your love and support and for being an awesome sister. Love you!

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