Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Pictures!

If anyone wondered how being a hardworking, obedient missionary would effect Zach's wacky personality, here is proof that his sense of humor is alive and well.  Zach is so happy and loving every bit of missionary work. He loves all the people he works with and is fast friends with other missionaries.  He called home on Christmas with some great stories and jokes, but he also continues to be a phenomenal example to our family as he grows spiritually and puts his whole heart into being a full time missionary.

Enjoy this batch of pictures from Zach!

Zach, Elder Simpson (old comp.), Elder Hulse, Elder Furniss on Zach's last day in Albany.

Zach and Ben and Sunchips (his words)

Zach on the coast

Zach and the Burton family

Zach and the Colby family

Thanksgiving dinner at the Merrills house

Elder Simpson and Zach in their Thanksgiving outfitsZach and Elder Simpson's Christmas card picture

Elder Simpson and Zach with the Stovers when mom and daughter were baptized.


Logan said...

Awesome pictures. Makes me miss my mission so much. It also makes me bitter that we could never eat with members.

Logan said...

I really need to read this blog more. I'm really selfish lately. Its hard to think about others when the next 8 months will determine my future. I need to write Zach. I'm actually just talking to myself so you can stop reading now.