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Letter to Parents May 27, 2008

Theres a family in our ward, the W's, whose son just got home from his mish in Finland. He said his facebook was still up when he got home. Rock on right? Anywho... They are taking wonderful care of us. This ward treats us so well! The sunday before the recently passed week we went to a member family's house for dinner, and they served steak! They raised the cow themselves. Their son is really cool, and i've set a goal to get him involved in our work. I think i told you about their 14 year old redhead daughter, the one i accidentally played footsie with under the table. Ugh. If i didnt tell that story let me know so i can explain (lol).
Anywho... I'm pleased to hear that my stuff will be preserved (likely so I can throw it away when i get home, but oh well). OH! If youre wondering why you didnt get an email yesterday, that would be because we use public computers, and all public places with public computers were closed. Stupid holidays.

Ok well since there's no more of your email to respond to I'll just blab about how things have been going. Oh and by the way, please send me anything that may be missing from this email so I can stay posted. Anywho... I've felt a stronger desire recently to step up my efforts and work harder. I've become a bit bolder in the way I introduce the gospel to people. Its hard to explain, but its making the work easier and harder at the same time.

I got a haircut from one of the zone leaders, Elder Birch (who wants me to marry his sister, Heidi). I wont fight that offer. He showed me a picture of her. She's super cute.
Anywho, enough about females.

So... Let me explain some of the money traffic that went on yesterday. I needed to use my WF card to make my purchase at costco yesterday. My JP Morgan card (the missionary support fund card) was like three bucks shy on the amount, so i had to use my WF card. I can just use the JP Morgan card to compensate with another purchase later on, no worries. And the second transaction... well there's a Van Heusen outlet in bend, and they had a huge sale. Everything in the store was on sale plus and additional 40% off. So I bought a REALLY nice new shirt for like fourteen bucks. It was a bargain I couldnt pass up. Its a stain shielded, wrinkle free, poplin dress shirt, point collar and french cuffs. I'll scrape together some change for cuff links before the mission conference next month. Anywho, I'll probably never see a deal that good again, so i figured I'd buy a nice shirt for interviews and zone conferences and stuff like that. If it makes you feel better, I was advised to purchase some extra slacks to extend the lifetime of my suit pants, but I got the slacks for FREE from another elder. So just pretend the fancy shirt and new slacks were 14 bucks. Elder Coffey says that the first chunk of the mission you find things you need here and there and buy them as you find them, so eventually random purchases die off once you fill your needs. Especially keeping in mind the fact that we have to pack everything up every couple months and go somewhere else.

I dont want you guys thinking I'm being wasteful. I am living within my means. I wouldnt have had to use my WF card yesterday on food items, but they only gave us $100 for our first month, instead of the $140 or whatever it is. (cuz it was an incomplete month.) June will be cheaper.I've spent a little bit more than some of the other new elders out in the field, but I'm still doing better cuz they all spent a fortune on stuff in the MTC.

This email is so long. I hope the whole thing gets to you. If not i've carbon copied it to myself so I'll just resend it if its incomplete. Maybe by now youre asleep... lol.

OH MAN! My watch band snapped! I just remembered that, even though it happened in the MTC. So maybe that would make a good Christmas gift for me. Or I'll trade any amount of yum-yums for a watch band instead. I've been wearing the little like, utility watch dad gave me. Its actually really handy. And it turns some heads. Ok one head, a guy we've been trying to teach. He asked to look at it, and he turned it over and over and over just looking at it. He's really cool. His wife's a member but he's not. She's not exactly active either. So we're working with them a lot. They're always gone though. They take a lot of vacations because they're SUPER rich. He invented the modern snowboard and sold his design to Burton. And now he just chills. He's always working on some project around his property. They built a HUGE pond, and now they're building a waterfall on it. He's not a lazy rich guy either, he does the work himself (well, and with help obviously). I think it'd be cool to come back and stay with him after my mission. Work around his property with him and hopefully drag him to church if he's not baptized and active by then.

I know i'm going to leave the library and remember something i wanted to say. But oh well. Its all in my journal. It'll get to you sooner or later. Be sure to send me an address as soon as i can. Or... i guess dad has that envelope that he's "preparing". It makes the envelope sound like some sort of secret government thing. I've gotten pictures prtinted that I can send you also. So be sure the "prepared" envelope can handle a good dose of journal pages plus a small stack of pictures. That way you can put some faces with the names you hear. Oh man, i've even printed a picture of me when i had long hair and a beard. I share it when its appropriate. Its a lot of fun.
There's not much else to say other than... life is good. I'm going to stray from being trite and not share my testimony at the end of my email, but just know that this is what its all about. As PMG says, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is both the "what" and "why" of missionary work. This life is the time for men to prepare to meet God.

Once again, I love you guys so much! Thanks for all you do to make my life successful. I wouldn't be much of anything without my parents help, love, and constant support. Love you!!!

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