Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Zach's Letter to Dad June 23, 2008

I'm not counting months yet. Time is flying too fast.

I'm still waiting for mail. I've been "boxed" all week long, meaning tosay I've received no mail. But today should be different. A girl ElderLunt knows from back home wrote me a letter. It should arrive from theoffice today. I havent heard from Vince or Abby yet. But maybe today. They're both due to write.

Anywho... I ran into a woman from Minnesota yesterday while we weretracting. She was talking about her family and how they moved to WI. Isaid "oh bummer, I just lost my parents to Wisconsin." We laughed goodand hard over it.

Oh man! My new companion is Elder Little. He's on his final transfer too. They send them to me to die I guess. But it secures my place inBend that much longer. I'm way stoked. We're getting along really well. Especially when I make breakfast or smoothies.

I figured out what my financial problem is. The cost of living in Bend is remarkably higher than average. Food is more expensive here. Even taco bell, the like 80 cent burrito I get is a dollar. Its crazy! So I got a Safeway card so I could save money on groceries and not have to be poor the last week of every month. Or at least AS poor. Real estate here is NUTS! We look at prices on houses when we're out. Your old housewould EASILY have gone for almost half a million here. Its ridiculous.

Anywho, things are going really well. We have a couple new investigators. And I got an investigator to come to church!!! I was soexcited to see her there! I worked my butt off for this too. Elder Coffey as well as Elder Little and I walked several miles to her apartment at least once a week. I called around to find her a ride. I'm working hard on everybody. My big goal this week is to commit Brother P to baptism. He's the guy who invented the snowboard. I think I've mentioned him. He's a barefoot waterski world champion. He came to the High Priests' activity on Friday and his wife was telling us all these stories about him. I looked at him and said "I've seen your movie, Superman" We laughed pretty hard.

There's a restaurant here in town that has a hotwing challenge. Fifteen minutes to eat fifteen insanely hot wings. If you do it you get a tshirt that says "I'm freakin HOT". I've been wanting to do it for a long time, and Brother P said he'll not only take us but he'll buy my wings. Their fellowshippers, the are coming too. It'll be a great time. He's gonna get baptized. His wifes already a member. He knows its true. He just needs to be nudged a little.

Anywho, life is good. The work is moving right along. And I'm just happyas a clam. Hey, keep being awesome. Thanks for all your love and effortsto make this possible. Love you TONS!!

ps-- I've heard nothing of this epic flooding. I'd like to know more. Love you!

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