Monday, June 16, 2008

Zach's Letter to Jen 6/16/2008

Summer is here! I'm so excited! Bend has turned so beautiful and green and the weather is just perfect.

My comp and I made the rounds lastnight, saying goodbye to a bunch of members he loves. He leaves bend on Wednesday and goes home on Thursday. So we stopped in on some people. We went to see the H's. Did I tell you about them? Well, you've heard about them in emails. They're the ones with the cool son and the little redhead daughter I played footsie with at dinner. We were talkin with Brother H on the front porch and the redhead and the oldest son (there are 4 kids) were playing basketball on the driveway. I commented on how the game was turning violent, and Bro H was like "Yeah... she's pretty good, I won't lie" then she threw up a shockingly horrible shot (air ball... not even close) and I was like "I'll give her the benefit of the doubt". It was funny. They're my favorite family.

Wow transfer calls were so stressful. I was sitting in the back of the apt panicking all night long. I was like "They're gonna white-wash us. They're gonna!" But they didnt. I'm staying in Bend.

I rejoiced over my extended stay yesterday. I was at the sacrament table, we were short on priests and deacons so I sat at the table and Elder Coffey passed. It was fun. Anywho I was just looking over the congregation and feeling totally happy that I got to stay. I've come to LOVE this ward so much. Brother H was pretty happy to hear that I'm staying. Last week... maybe the week before... I donno. Either way a previous week Elder Coffey and I had to pass the sacrament cuz there weren't enough deacons. When I was walking from the back of the chapel, a little kid (like 4 or 5 years old) shouted "ELDER ROBERTS!!" and everybody kinda cracked up. It was funny.

Anywho... yeah about mom and dad moving. Yesterday Brother H was like "Hey, Coffey, at least you're going home to your actual home right?" And Elder Coffey said "Unlike Elder Roberts, yes." And I explained that mom and dad sold the house, my jeep, and my furniture. He just grabbed me and shook me, I think that means something comforting in their family cuz it happens a lot.

We were talking about post-mission plans too (still with Bro H). I explained that the plan is for me to not fly home, but rather mom and dad coming to pick me up. Brother Heinrich asked "Then what are you gonna do with them?" and I said "Come back here." Meaning, to his house. He laughed very loudly. Its all good. I will come back.

Anywho... I'm just doing what I do. Things are going well, and life is good. Keep being awesome!


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