Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Letter to Mom June 23, 2008

Pictures... I dont know when I'll be sending pictures. I cant seem to find the perfect moment. But I will pretty soon. I develop pictures about every other week. So as long as I'm funded for that. I'm not allowed to use my missionary support fund card for things like that. Just food and personal needs. And the cost of living in Bend is way high. Its a ritzy town. Ugh, so I'm poor this week. I'll be eating a lot of Malt-o-meal products and rummaging through the cabinets. But our cards get recharged in a week so I'm looking forward to it. Anywho... pictures as soon as I can.

My new companion is Elder Little from Riverton Utah. Its gonna work out yeah. I'm gonna do what Elder Coffey did before he left, just get a ward contact list printed. Good plan. Oh man... I mentioned this to dad, one of our investigators, Brother P, my goal this week is to commit him to baptism. I want you guys to meet them some day. They are some of the most amazing people I've ever met.

I'm way amused by the prospect of you guys crashing weddings. Crash one in my honor wouldja? It'll be fun. Like the time I crashed the family reunion at the event center with Barneys' cousin Mark. That was super fun, mostly cuz he's an amazing liar and when we got confronted he dug us out. Anywho, It'll be fun I promise.

Things rock. Life is good. Oh funny moment, the other day Elder Little and I were walking down the road and there were two kids on bikes on the other side of the street, a boy and a girl. Out of nowhere the boy yelled "She likes you both!!" and the girl yelled "I do not! I'm gonna hurt you when we get home!" It was really funny.

Another day we were walking by the park on Providence... ok you dont know what that means, but we walk by it a lot. Anywho and there were two girls on the playground cat-calling at us. When I looked over one of them was waving us over. I paid Elder Little to go OYM them. He was so nervous and awkward, it was hilarious. It was uncomfortable for him cuz one of them was very very pretty. And she was making scandalously flirty gestures at us while he was talking. He was stu-stut-stuttering everything!

Sometimes I feel like I'm the wards little brother. You know how people were with me back in Hutch? That endearing poking-fun at me? It happens here a lot. Everybody kinda picks on me... well, not picks on me but just kinda gives me a hard time like I'm their frickin kid brother. I enjoy it. In spite of the jabs here and there from the members they treat me really really well. They know that there is no limit to what I would do for any one of them. Thats what matters to me, that they know how much I love them.

Elder Little and I are speaking in church on the 13th. I think... whatever sunday is closest to that. I'm going to include that in my talk, about how I would walk 600 miles to get a glass of water for anybody in the ward if they asked me to. I'd even run to make sure it was still cold by the time I got back. I love these people.

Anywho... whenever I can get access to a copy machine I'll get some journal out to you. Frick, its just been really complicated lately with that kind of stuff. I'll get it figured out soon though I promise. Missionary life... rocks. They told me "you'll get homesick, you'll get sick from food, you'll get sick of your companion, you'll get lonely, worn out, put down and discouraged." None of that has bothered me. The beautiful girls around town are a bother though. But they're all nice to us. Actually no thats the problem. Anywho. I hope everything goes well for you guys. I'll let you know if I baptize Brother P. Its my drive and focus right now. But all the work is going well. Thanks for all your love and emails and everything you do for me. LOVE YOU!!

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