Thursday, July 3, 2008

Letters June 30, 2008

My parents and I all got letters from Zach this week. Apparently the one to my dad was short and the ones to my mom and me were mostly just responses to our letters. He is still so happy and loving everyday but he's definitely in need of some packages from loved ones! If anyone has a minute to send him some cookies or candy or even a box of cereal, I know he would really appreciate it!

Here is one short story Zach sqeezed in to mom this week:
We got new neighbors next door. We had just gotten home from dinner when they pulled up with a pickup truck and trailer. We tossed on some work clothes and helped them unload. They were caught so off guard it was awesome! So now every time they see us they're way excited and super friendly. I have such a huge sense of belonging here. The ward treats me like a member of their own family, our investigators are awesome, and our neighbors are great. I love this place.

Here is one short story he sent me:
I've been making some cool changes in the ward I'm in. I'm really excited. I finally got a weekly corrolation meeting going with our ward mission leader, I'm pushing to get a full time gospel essentials teacher called, and I also came up with an idea for a cool class we're putting together. It would be a quarterly thing or something like that. About member missionary work. Where The missionaries will spend third hour with an auxilliary group with all the proselyting tools we have, lesson pamphlets, dvd's, pass-along cards, etc and teach them more on how to effectively use each of those tools. Like most people dont even know the lesson pamphlets exist. They're AMAZING!! They're packed with doctrine in simple terms, its what we give to investigators or contacts to help them learn more. So the goal of the class is to educate members on effective and non-scary ways to share the gospel. My idea. Came up with it on the toilet.

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