Monday, July 7, 2008

Letter to Jen July 7, 2008

Okay this is only part of his letter because the other stuff was just answering my questions.

Hey, i got the package, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Oh my gosh it was amazing! You saved me a ton of money on groceries too! YOU ROCK!

And I will make copies of my journal very very soon. Its on the way. We've just had some major complications lately with that stuff. Freak, calm down. Lol.

4th of July was cool. You'll have to google Bend Oregon Pilot Butte so you know more of what I'm talking about. But anywho, they set of a sweet fireworks show from the top of Pilot Butte, so you could see them from anywhere in town. It was awesome! Especially since our apartment complex is really close to the butte. So I made a smoothie (which I've gotten REALLY good at) and we chilled out in front with some neighbors and watched the show. It was fun. I'm sending home a small memory card with some pictures and videos on it. Maybe some of that stuff will make its way to you. I hope so.

anywho... thank you so much for the package. My cabinets are stocked now! You're the best! I've been workin hard and having a blast. I've GOT to get my journal on its way... ugh. Anywho... thanks for your love and letters and all that. LOVE YOU!!!

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