Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Zach's Letter to Mom, July 14, 2008

I'm not proud that you and dad are WI residents. WI is lame... lol. I'm a Minnesotan. Oh man. I've run into a few of them out here too! Like, we had dinner with Brother K's family, he's the son of the first counselor to the Bishop, and his inlaws were here. FROM MINNESOTA!!! It was so awesome to hear the accent again. I even slipped back into it a little bit and Elder Little laughed at me a lot. It was a good time. He even knows about where LP is. Thats a true Minnesotan. He asked "Who's the chief of police there?" I told him Bob Carlson. He said "That tells me one of two things; either you were a wild kid before you left or your dads a cop." lol it made me laugh. Cuz dads not a cop...

Oh man, Elder Little and I spoke in church yesterday! Freak, it was amazing. Mine was very personal. I always procrastinate my talks, so this time i planned way ahead to stay up all saturday night to write it and it paid off big time. It was good. I'll send you a copy.

Our ward mission leader's wife (also the secretary for his calling) Sister B came up to me with tears in her eyes and held my hand and said "I WISH so bad I could hug you." it was kind of a whoa moment for me. I'm starting to feel like I'm touching lives and its blowing me away. This is what I live for, to leave my mark on peoples lives.

I'm enjoying your spiritual thoughts every week. They add good insight that I definitely enjoy. So keep pondering! Oh man, one last note, Elder Little and I went to Relief Society yesterday too! Way fun! lol. My journal explains why. Be patient with me, im sorry its not there yet! SOON!

Anywho... Life is WONDERFUL. The work has slowed down a lot, which makes me sad, but we're working hard to find more people to teach. It'll pick back up shortly. We just gotta have faith.

Anywho... Everything rocks. I hope the unpacking goes smoothly for you guys. Love you TONS!!!

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