Monday, July 28, 2008

Letter to Mom July 28, 2008

I think pieces of enoch must be scattered about cuz i've been thinking the same thing about the high desert ward here in bend. Man once i get transferred, if you and dad feel like vacationing anytime, go to BEND!! Meet my ward. Otherwise we are stopping here on the way home. Cuz you guys gotta come get me. Ya gotta. Oh by the way, Elder little is leaving on tuesday and I get a new companion. I scored another 6 weeks here in Bend!!!

It sounds like life there is going really really well. I'm super stoked for you guys. Your talk sounds like it was freakin sweet. And yes, grandma did talk about her dad while I was there for my "spring break". Amazing talk.

I really liked the tree story. I think I'll be using that later on. Lol, thats kind of a joke between me and Elder Birch (one of the zone leaders who's also going home this week)... we always say "Do ya mind if I coin that as my own?" In kind of a Sean Connery voice lol. We're insane when we're together. I'm sad he's going home. Anywho, that story and its parallel were awesome.
And finally... CDO...? Mom you weirdo. lol. You WOULD. [I told him I have CDO, it's like OCD but the letters are in alphabetical order like they belong.]

Anywho... if this email is a little disappointing, find comfort in this: I talked with Bishop T at church and he's gonna get me into the library at church this week to copy my journal!! He rocks. Plus I wrote a little letter that I sent today, outlining my financial plans and a budget. So... my electronic communication might stink this week but my analog mail is gonna rock. So I'll say it early, buckle up.

I'm happy and healthy and doing all I can. Things are good. We're going out to P's ranch in about an hour to buck 15 TONS of hay with him. Oh joy lol. On preparation day nonetheless... lol. It'll be fun. He's feeding us lunch and dinner. So it'll be worth it. Anywho... Love you tons!! Keep having fun and being social! Rock on.

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