Thursday, July 24, 2008

Letter to Mom July 21, 2008

People are STILL talking about my talk. I dono if I told you much about my talk, but I talked about how Eleanor's good example helped me want to change my life. EVERYBODY asks about her now. People ask if we're still friends, if she's writing me, if she's waiting for me lol. Its funny. Man... I feel SO at home in my ward its amazing.

I like your outlook on confidence in a missionary, and I totally agree. I used that mindset when I first got here. I felt like a scared little boy, but I did what I could to look like a man. (he look... like a man. lol). And people are surprised when they find out how new I really am. I'm almost out of the "green" phase of my mission. yay! How weird is that? Way weird.

Let me know how the talks go. And I'll get you a copy of everything I've been meaning to copy. I have one last Idea for how to get copies. Its a good one too. I really have been trying desperately to get copies but of the 2 churches i'm usually at, one has a passcode on theirs, and our building has the copy machine in the vault we call the library. So i'm just going to nicely ask Bishop Tsang. If that doesnt work out... I'm going to the stake center. lol

Being on a mission hasn't saved me from any hard work. I've laid a yard of sod already. And this week we helped our ward mission leader's son move some ridiculously huge furniture down an unrealistically small stairwell. Then we bucked 6 tons of hay. ALL IN ONE DAY! lol. Then we worked as escorts at the Red Cross Blood drive a couple days later. Man. Its been a crazy week.
Dads gas adventure sounds like a crazy time. WHY DID HE HAVE HIS BIKE?? Either way, lucky that he did! lol. Thats funny. And even though I ride my bike in dress pants Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and every other Sunday, I still have sympathy for him lol. (We share a car). He's a mad man.

Transfers are at the end of the month. My apartment address should be safe for another transfer period, however just as good practice, assume I'll be transferred and dont use the address till further notice. I'm shooting for 6 months in Bend.

Anywho... its been a really hard week, and a weird couple weeks. I cant go into detail in an email, its too much to say. But suffice it to say, I'm seeing the crazy side of missionary work. It feels like freakin Harry Potter lately. Our whole zone has been experiencing some powerful and oftentimes spooky opposition. Its... weird. No fun. But that just means that miracles are around the corner.

I'm healthy and doing well. I'm broke as freak this month cuz Bend is one of the most expensive places in the universe to live and food costs are on the rise apparently. Yay! But i'm trying to learn to be more conservative with my funds. I think I'll start pinching pennies a little harder and see if a boog comes out of lincolns nose. lol. But yeah, life is good. Thank you so much for your love and support and stories! Love you tons!!

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